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Welcome to Bondtech Corporation Web-site! We offer: Autoclaves, Medical, Shredders, Bins & Cars, Containers, Composites, Rubber, Cart Liners, Bags, Inventory, Glass Lamination, Dispoz-A-Fone, Reusable Medical Waste Containers.
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Pressure:200 PSI
Temperature:450 Deg. F.
Working Area:
9’ Dia x 17’(-) long
Vessel Size: 10’ 6” x 20’ long
Vessel Material: Carbon Steel Construction
Horizontal w/Overhang, Quick Opening Door
Motor Capsule:
For Blower Motor w/motor cooling coil
Working Pressure:200 PSIG
Approximately 6 - 8 weeks after shipment of autoclave to factory in Calif. & receipt of approved drawings
Autoclave usage:
Composite Bonding
Max. operating pressure:
Work space: 9’ w x 17’
Air circulation:
150 HP FAN MOTOR (existing)
Electric heat:
288 KW, 460 V, 60 HZ, 3 PH with SCR CONTROL (new)
Autoclave coolong:
Cooling coils (existing)
  • 30% with order
  • 30% on completion of vessel mechanical work & hydro-test (if required)
  • 35% on completion, prior shipment
  • 5% net 30 days
Validity: 30 days
1. Quantity: 1 Melco Steel Autoclave; NB#338.
2. Autoclave Vessel Specification
Autoclave Specification:
The Melco Steel Autoclave was designed and manufactured in strict accordance to the ASME and the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors code. It has the NB#338.
3. Heating & Air Circulation System:
Heating: New Electric Heating 288 KW w/ SCR Control; 460V/3 Phase
Fan Horsepower: 150 HP Fan (existing, when new)
Fan Cooling System: Water Cooled – Customer Water Supply
Configuration: Heaters (new), installed rear of work zone
This will provide electric heating capable with an estimated heat up rate of 70 degF to 450 degF @ 3 degF/min.
4. Cooling:
Use existing Cooling Coils: 45- degF to 140 degF @ 2 degF/min. Install new 2” 3 way Cooling Valve w/4-20ma I/P (105gpm).
5. Thermocouple(s) Monitoring Configuration:
  • Install new T/C Panels with jacks (Type J) 2 places
  • New High Limit T/C
  • New Control T/C
6. Insulation:
The interior of the autoclave is insulated and has a metal cover & duct work. . All exterior surfaces will be cleaned and painted with an industrial enamel (your specified color).
7. Tracks:
Existing Steel Floor Plate inside Autoclave to accommodate product carts (carts not included).
8. Autoclave Testing & Repairs:
  • An Ultrasonic Inspection of the vessel shell for thickness verification will be made.
  • The autoclave vessel will be inspected and tested and any necessary repairs will be made in accordance with ASME Code.
  • Autoclave components (eg. cooling coil, fan motor, etc.) will be tested and repairs made as required.
Door: Full access to the interior is provided with a Quick opening door. It has a breech lock type door that does not produce any relative motion between the door and the pressure sealing o-ring. The door design operates by rotating the locking ring a few degrees to expose the door lugs through cut out areas of the lock ring. The overhang, davit door has 3 hydraulic actions (levers w/1 pump & 3 valves). One action opens the locking ring. The 2d pushes out the door from the lugs. The 3d pulls the door to the Left Side (when facing the front) to allow full access to the interior. The lock ring and door swing operation are interlocked to prevent operation when pressure (1.5 psig) is present in the pressure vessel. The door safety interlock device includes mechanical and electrical interlocks to prevent inadvertently opening the door under pressure. It complies with Section UG-35 of the ASME code. This will provide mechanical interlocks to prevent opening the door while under pressure. A limit switch is also provided for connection into the control system for electrical interlock as well.
A New Man-inside Limit Switch Assemblies. Repair cable pulls as required w/shop wiring.
Install new door gasket & tad pole gasket.
Control System:
  • New Micristar w/Command Cartridge. Superview Software. Dell or Equiv. Computer w/monitor, keyboard & printer. New Honeywell Recorder.
  • Heater SCR’s, Blower Motor Starter & Hi Limit Controller are provided. No Starters for other items are in the panel now (ie. cooling circulating pump, etc.). These can be added later at an additional cost.
  • Power/Control Panel. Shop wiring.
Valves/Piping New Safety Relief Valve and new Rupture Disc included. Equipment pre-piped for quick installation and startup. New Pressure inlet & vent valves.
New motor capsule moisture sensor, flow switch, check valve, etc.
Work/Items Not Provided
  • Exterior electrical wiring between autoclave and panels etc.(field wiring).
  • Electrical provisions for cooling equipment.
  • Cooling System, Sump Tank & Pumps.
  • Cooling Tower.
Documentation: Documentation & Drawings will be supplied with the autoclave.
1. Side Mount Hinge: Replace existing overhang door opening system with traditional Side Hinge on Door
2. Optional Custom Glass Carts
3. Site Supervision:
  • Pre-Construction / Startup Price
  • Includes travel related costs.
  • Up to 5 working days on site.
Contact person: Elsa Brown
E-mail: elsabrown@bondtech.net
Phone: 606-677-2616
BONDTECH’S COMPANY INFORMATION Bondtech has been involved with the custom design, engineering, installation, manufacturing and maintenance of autoclave technology since 1986. Our systems have been installed nationally and internationally for processes such as aerospace composite components, medical waste sterilization, rubber vulcanization, textile setting, glass lamination, wood treatment and others.
The Bondtech autoclave includes a heavy-duty quick opening locking ring door with a preferred sealing system that utilizes a fixed o-ring seal. This design maintains the door dome fixed while the locking ring rotates during locking and unlocking of the autoclave door. The Bondtech positive lock design results in a tight seal eliminating potential pressure leaks as experienced with other door designs.
Bondtech’s systems provide the following advantages:
Quick Opening Door:
  • Positive locking ring door design with fixed o-ring seal.
  • Fixed door dome extends life cycle of o-ring seal.
  • Hydraulic actuated with electrical safety interlocks.
  • Fixed o-ring gasket ensures a consistent tight seal.
Control System:
  • Multiprogramming Features.
  • Continuous Recording and Monitoring – Temp/Press.
  • Total automatic control of cycle sequences from beginning to end.
  • Data logging system (optional).
Reliable Proven Technology:
  • Custom manufacturer.
  • Technology proven since 1983.
  • Simple and Safe Operation.
  • Single Pushbutton – Automated System.
  • Top of the line autoclave system.
Warranty:Bondtech warrants that the equipment supplied when operated and maintained by competent personnel and in accordance with the instructions, and provided that the customer has made no alterations to the system, then Bondtech shall guarantee the autoclave work for ninety (90) days. On all other new parts, components, and accessories, Bondtech shall guarantee for one year and pass on the guarantees for the individual components. Seller will correct or replace any of said defective machinery equipment, or components provided buyer gives seller written notice during the above-mentioned periods.
Factory testing:Bondtech will test the equipment prior to shipment. Our customers are encouraged to witness this testing at the Factory prior to shipment. We can offer free operator’s training at that time.
We thank you for the opportunity to submit this proposal. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact this office.