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Welcome to Bondtech Corporation Web-site! We offer: Autoclaves, Medical, Shredders, Bins & Cars, Containers, Composites, Rubber, Cart Liners, Bags, Inventory, Glass Lamination, Dispoz-A-Fone, Reusable Medical Waste Containers.
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Pressure:75 PSI
Temperature:500 Deg. F.
Steam generator:
LB-40H steam outputting rating; 138 lbs/hr from and at 212 F to 100 PSI WITH 4 bhp, ELECTRICAL POWER; 40 KW, 460 VOLTS, 3 PHASE, 60 Hz, approximately 53 Amp for heater elements; 120 volt single phase required for controls. This generator is complete with motorized automatic flush and drain, and with a 5 micron water filter.
Price/instalation. Autoclave system:
One (1),BTT105, 3’ Dia. X 3’ long Bondtech autoclave sterilization systems (ASME 75 psig), ramp loading system and one (1) aluminum autoclave bin. One Steam generator LB-40H
Shipment and installation not included.
˝ proportional steam valve.
Safety relief valve.
Pressure switch for high-pressure alarm.
Saturated steam.
One stainless steel autoclave cart.
3’ dia x 3’ long (NB#195)
Bondtech autoclave/sterilizer system specifications:
High pressure, Computer controlled Bondtech autoclave system to treat contact lenses.
Autoclave dimensions and capacity:
BTT105: One (1) Bondtech 3’ dia x 3’ long Autoclave.
National Board #: 195
Size: 3’ dia x 3’ long Stainless steel autoclave
Number of bins: 1/load
Autoclave vessel specifications:
Working Pressure: 75 psig
Safety Relief Set Point:55 psig
Opening Assembly: Single door/quick opening door/safety pin interlock.
Loading Arrangement: Horizontal
Pressure Vent: Spray condenser.
Insulation:The exterior of the autoclave will be insulated with 2” of fiberglass, which will be covered with a white aluminum jacket to protect the insulation, and to make sure the equipment can be kept clean Some surfaces will not be insulated, such as the door locking ring and hinge mechanism, support saddles, etc. These exposed surfaces will be painted with industrial enamel if fabricated from carbon steel.
Process valves: Complete with the process valves including steam supply, pressure vent and safety relief.
The steam inlet valve is to maintain and control steam pressure. For safety, the steam inlet valve is a normally closed valve that closes in the event of any power loss.
Autoclave vessel design: The autoclave vessel is designed, fabricated, tested and certified in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1, for Unfired Pressure Vessels. The vessel is designed for full vacuum. The sterilization unit is formed and welded into a horizontal cylindrical pressure vessel with a hydraulic quick opening door. The vessel includes two rigid support saddles to facilitate a simple installation. The front face of the vessel has a machine groove for the rigid high temperature seal gasket.
Door operation sealing and locking mechanism:
The door is hinged mounted on the autoclave. Mounting arrangements to provide full movement to a full open position. Preferred sealing system to utilize one-piece extruded material O-ring seal type.
The door has a positive lock type safety design per the ASME requirements. The locking mechanism is interlocked with the control system to prevent opening the door while under pressure, and to prevent pressurization when the door is unlocked.
The door is designed with several safety features that include electric/mechanical interlock switch, PLC interlock, door safety handle interlock, visual site gauge for pressure monitor and analog dial pressure/temperature indicators.
Material handling: RAMP/TRACK system:Tracks are provided at the bottom of the autoclave to match the ramp section. Ramp is designed and positions for simple loading and unloading of the autoclave vessel.
System piping.The autoclave system will completely piped at the factory prior to shipment for simple installation. The system piping will consist of the following:
  • Condensate Drains Steam traps (2) – front and rear steam traps maintains the vessel free of condensate.
  • Thermocouple connections.
  • Steam Inlet Valve/Strainer - proportionally controlled steam inlet valve for smooth and accurate control of steam pressure inlet. Steam inlet valve is controlled by a PID loop controlled by the PLC.
Control system/process valves/control panel & instrumentation: The autoclave control panel is package in a NEMA 12 rated panel. The autoclave system is controlled by a state-of-the-art "Super Micro" Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with modem hookup capabilities for online support. The PLC performs automatic sterilization control control that includes pre-vacuum, pressurization/heat soak, vent and post-vacuum. The PLC monitors pressure vessel conditions for providing safety interlock for door operation.
Supermicro programmable logic controller (PLC)Allen Bradley SLC504 programmable control system for autoclave with the following features:
  • Controlled heating 0-300 Deg. F at 0-99 Deg./min F
  • Run at precise temperature 0-300 Deg. F for programmed period of time
  • Total automatic control of cycle sequences from beginning to end
  • Operator controls for locking door
  • Process complete and ready to open door indicator lights
  • Temperature and pressure safety back ups
  • User friendly keypad
  • Full program editing and storage capabilities
  • LCD display
  • Multi pen circular chart recorder for temperature and pressure
  • A Network communications port may be used to remotely monitor the system
  • Strip chart recorder
Contact person: Elsa Brown
E-mail: elsabrown@bondtech.net
Phone: 606-677-2616
Start-up/Testing/Training.The Bondtech start-up supervision will include the following:
Bondtech Start-up supervision, Operator Training & Equipment Documentation.
Bondtech will conduct classroom and “hands-on” training sessions. The Bondtech training program will focus: 1. Safe Operation, 2. Compliance & 3. System Maintenance. Bondtech will provide a comprehensive training program that includes the following.
a. Bondtech Medical Center SOP. Bondtech will develop a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) specific for the Medical Center’s operation. The SOP will address compliance with State and Federal medical treatment regulations.
b. Bondtech Medical Center Classroom Training. Bondtech will perform a classroom type training session. Medical Center personnel will receive his/her own copy of the Bondtech medical waste sterilization SOP. After the classroom training is completed, all trained personnel will execute a SOP Training Certification Form.
c. Bondtech Medical Center Equipment Operation Training. After the classroom SOP training, Bondtech will conduct a comprehensive equipment operation & maintenance “hands-on” training session.
d. Bondtech Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
Bondtech will provide two copies (three ring binders) of the Bondtech Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals. The O&M manuals will include complete installation drawings, parts/components properly identified and electrical/control wiring schematics.