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Welcome to Bondtech Corporation Web-site! We offer: Autoclaves, Medical, Shredders, Bins & Cars, Containers, Composites, Rubber, Cart Liners, Bags, Inventory, Glass Lamination, Dispoz-A-Fone, Reusable Medical Waste Containers.
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100, 125, 150, 200 psig
Temperature:300 Deg. F.
Horsepower Range:
125 to 700
Capacity:405 to 3,217 cfm
Weight of the autoclave:
47,000 Kg
Manufacture: Maschinenbau Scholz GMBH Co., Germany
Size: 10’ dia. x 22’ overall vessel size
8’ dia. x 15’ long est. Working Area
Pressure: 200 PSIG; 300 degF Autoclave Operation
National Board: ASME Code Construction
Door:Quick Opening Doors including mechanically operated cover looking device with limit switch as well as gripping device, in strict accordance with the regulations and the rules of the Professional Association, including Perhuna lip-type gasket as well as worm gear for turning the door electrically, including motor gear, coupling and limit switch, furthermore with weld-on dished end plate R= 0.8 p, the door complete with 2 handles – 2 suspension devices for the lids Davit running on ball bearings for swinging off the lids electrically consisting of the motor gear, with pinion toothed wheel, curve guide and limit switch, and the electric control ready installed in the switch box.
Insulation: Interior insulation removable of 50 mm thickness, consisting of foil laminated, the insulation is covered by galvanized sheet steel covering.
Air Circulation: Equipped with a fan, the reliable standard air cooled electric motor is located outside the autoclave
Heating:Heating system consists of electrical heating elements in protected boxes in the air channel, equipped with overheating protectors.
Cooling:Cooling system consists of water filled cooling radiators in the air channel, near the heating elements.
Controls:Designed in strict accordance with the American Standards: Process control equipment with overload and short circuit releases, Siemens S7-300 Series PLC base control system.
Safety:Equipped with emergency stop circuit for door, mechanical safety valve for releasing excess pressure, door locking handle with positive guide safety switches and 3 “Door Seated” limit preventing control voltage supply to heating, pressurizing and air circulation when door is not completely closed. Zero pressure switch which shuts off door control voltage over 200 mbar, over temperature controller using under voltage releases in heating circuit breakers for interrupting the heating supply in the case of over temperature, alarm notification. PLC based safety measures.
Previous Use: Glass Lamination; Automotive Industry
-Air intake filter
-Air intake valve
-After cooler/ oil cooler air or water cooled
-Cooling fan for air cooled variants
-Ventilation fan for water cooled units
-Water separators
-Oil filters
-IP SS drive motor
-Built in electrical starters
-Flexible vibration dampers
-Air /oil separator
-Sound insulation
-Single point inlet and outlet connections
-Energy recovery option
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