Medical Waste Sterilization Options for Dental Office and Clinics

In a dental office, community clinic or even a small specialized dental practice, medical waste sterilization refers to the process that is used to kill microorganisms that are present on the medical waste generated during dental procedures, and on used dental tools after a patient has been treated with them.  Sterilization is performed on medical waste in both medical and dental situations in order to keep harmful diseases and dangerous viruses from spreading, which can happen when someone is accidentally exposed to biohazardous waste. Without having sound techniques in place for managing medical waste, a dental practice is putting the health of the public at great risk, not too mention risking the future of their business as well.

A steam autoclave is one medical waste sterilization technique that can be highly effective when used for medical waste treatment in a dental office setting.  An autoclave is a pressured, steam-heated chamber, which can be used to sterilize waste before it is disposed of.  These types of machines are also used to sterilize dental tools and instruments that have been used on a patient.  Many dental offices have their own autoclave, which uses a powerful combination of steam, moisture, pressure and super high temperatures to sterilize items or matter that is placed into it.  Since there aren’t any dangerous chemical used in the process and since the process doesn’t include incinerating items using fire, it’s perfectly safe for the environment.  As an added bonus, the machines can be designed to be incredibly easy to operate with minimal training, and they are highly durable and built to last.

Dental offices should spend time coming up with an effective waste management plan in order to ensure that they are not only protecting the environment and the community, but they are also practicing safe medicine in general.  Staying compliant with local and federal laws regarding waste management isn’t just good for your employees and the public, but it can also help you build a good reputation in the community.  All it takes it one slip up with how medical waste is treated before your image and reputation are permanently tarnished.

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