How a Medical Waste Autoclave Keeps Patients and Medical Staff Safe

Have you ever thought about the red “biohazard” containers that you see at the hospital or even at your primary care physicians’ office?  You may think that those containers go straight into the landfill once they have been filled with needles and other tainted items, however, the contents must first be treated in order to get rid of any dangerous and infectious organisms or germs that can get back to patients and medical staff.  Those containers don’t just provide a place to throw the trash; they are actually specially designed, completely sealable containers that keep waste protected so that those who work in the building aren’t exposed to dangerous germs.

You probably don’t realize just how much waste is created in a medical setting on a daily basis, which is why you may not realize that an autoclave is a necessary part of running any type of medical organization.  Think about your last doctor’s visit:  Did you have blood drawn?  Did you sit on an examining table covered with paper?  The needle and vial used in the blood draw, the paper over the table and even the gown you may have had to wear are all considered biohazards once they have been used.  Any type of bodily fluids, including blood, that comes into contact with medical supplies and equipment can have dangerous microorganisms contained in them.  Proper treatment with a medical waste autoclave can help to “kill” the bad stuff, helping to prevent it from spreading outside of the disposal room.

Autoclaves have turned out to be the perfect solution for proper handling of medical waste in many different types of situations and setups.  An autoclave uses steam, pressure and high temps to create a perfectly sterile environment.  All germs, infectious diseases and other dangerous elements are “steamed” away.  It’s a rather simple process, but one that has proven to be incredibly helpful in the medical community, and for those who want to ensure that they are staying compliant with the local waste treatment laws in their area, the autoclave is a smart solution that makes sense.

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