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Biomedical Waste Treatment for Commercial Buildings

Biomedical waste treatment commercial operations used to be limited to incineration; however, this method has proven to be dangerous to the environment.  Using steam that is under a great deal of heat and pressure in an autoclave is the latest … Continue reading

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How a Medical Waste Autoclave Keeps Patients and Medical Staff Safe

Have you ever thought about the red “biohazard” containers that you see at the hospital or even at your primary care physicians’ office?  You may think that those containers go straight into the landfill once they have been filled with … Continue reading

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Customizing and Maintaining a Medical Waste Hospital Autoclave

A medical waste hospital autoclave is a necessity for many different types of medical establishments, including everyone from the biggest hospital in town to the smallest specialty clinics.  Proper maintenance of a medical autoclave is essential to having it run … Continue reading

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