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Biomedical Waste Treatment for Doctor’s Offices, Clinics, and Hospitals

Owning and operating a doctor’s office, medical clinic or hospital isn’t just about providing excellent care.  While focusing on patient services is always a big part of the business, it’s also important to manage the environmental impact that your services … Continue reading

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Medical Waste Containers, Autoclaves and More: How to Keep Medical Settings Safe

Medical safety management is one business initiative that leadership teams agree must be taken seriously.  Patients, employees and visitors need to feel comfortable in medical settings, and the areas need to be as sterile as possible to keep people safe … Continue reading

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Why Medical Waste Sterilization is So Important

Medical waste sterilization isn’t just necessary for protecting the environment from dangerous chemicals and materials, it’s a key part of reducing the risk of infection and contamination to humans and animals from exposure to dangerous types of waste that are … Continue reading

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How to Stay Compliant in a Dental Office with Effective Medical Waste Treatment

Effective medical waste treatment for dental offices, hospitals and veterinary clinics became a matter of growing concern in the early 1990’s, when medical waste, including dirty syringes and used medical vials, began washing up on public beaches.  After a large … Continue reading

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